1 Dead After Shooting In Modesto; Suspect Barricaded Inside Home

The shooting in the north part of Modesto happened around 2 p.m. in a neighborhood on the north side of the city, leaving 1 person dead, the responding police said.


A shooting in Modesto on Sunday left 1 man dead while the conflict was still ongoing in the night.

The shooting happened around 2 p.m. in a neighborhood on the north side of the city, the police said.

There was also a dead man at the scene found by the officers, whose name was not revealed.

According to the neighbors that talked to CBS13 a dispute between neighbors sparked the shooting.

The police said that they were able to communicate with the suspect, who barricaded himself in his home, but that he has not surrendered yet. They added that there was also a woman inside the home, whom they refused to describe as a hostage.

Some residents in the neighborhood were evacuated too while some others were told to shelter in place as the police arrived in the area with a SWAT team, armored vehicles, and police dogs.

The orders have not been lifted as of now.

Residents said they were irritated by the shooting as one of them said that it scared her because it could happen to anyone as a result of ordinary disputes among neighbors.

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