Abby Choi’s head found in a large pot in the village house where she was allegedly murdered

By Dimsumdaily Hong Kong

(Hong Kong) Authorities have been investigating the heinous murder of Abby Choi, who was killed and dismembered at Lung Mei Village in Tai Po. In their efforts to recover her missing body parts, which include her head, torso, and hands, it is suspected that the ex-husband’s family cooked and disposed some of them.

The village house where Choi’s body was dismembered.

Recent developments in the case suggest that her head has been recovered in a large pot at the village house where she was mutilated. Police will reveal the details in a press conference later.

Sources reveal that police found residual limbs of the deceased, Abby Choi, in the village house on the same day that her legs below the waist were discovered. The limbs were found earlier as two legs below the waist, with the thigh flesh having been cut off to expose the bones, while the calves were relatively intact. The police also found two large pots of soup mixed with human tissue. The pots of soup were almost full and contained a significant amount of minced meat.

Upon finding the pots, the detectives did not stir the contents and immediately transported them for testing. After a thorough investigation, authorities discovered the whereabouts of the head, which had previously been missing. The head was found in one of the large soup pots. Initially believed to be intact, it appears that someone had tried to crush the head.

The search for the rest of the missing remains is ongoing and has led authorities to Junk Bay Chinese Permanent Cemetery in Tseung Kwan O, where it is believed that some of her body parts were disposed of. The 65-year-old father-in-law of Choi reportedly drove a 7-seater vehicle to the cemetery earlier. As no new discovery was found, police suspended the search operation this evening.

Meanwhile, the village house unit involved in the case remains sealed, with police officers guarding it. Earlier today (26th), police and Drainage Services Department (DSD) workers returned to the scene and inspected the manhole outside the village house. The DSD staff, accompanied by two confined space qualified personnel, entered a manhole behind the village house at approximately 5pm.

Alex Kwong Kong-chi, the ex-husband who was arrested on the 25th, reported feeling unwell and was subsequently sent to the hospital. He remains in the hospital under police supervision. The other three family members of Alex including his 31-year-old brother Anthony Kwong, 65-year-old father and also his mother have been charged by police and will appear in court tomorrow.


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