Bruno Mars’ Behavior At The Grammys Has Twitter In A Tizzy

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Bruno Mars and his music group, Silk Sonic, earned four nominations and four wins at the Grammy Awards in 2022, in addition to delivering a smooth, ’70s-inspired performance of their award-winning song, “Leave the Door Open.” Mars’ frequent collaborator Anderson .Paak shared in the night’s glory — despite a brief wardrobe malfunction to do with an unzipped fly — and the pair performed in-sync moves when standing to collect their awards, for which the live audience went wild.

Another highlight of the duo’s Grammy night was host Trevor Noah poking fun by asking .Paak a string of questions while ignoring Mars. The comedian then quipped, “We don’t talk about Bruno!” referencing the hit song from Disney’s “Encanto.” Mars had a solid acting moment as he played upset, but he quickly broke a smile once the bit was over. Twitter users even joked that things could have gone south, like a certain slap-tastic event at 2022’s Oscars ceremony.

Despite Silk Sonic’s celebrations throughout the night, fans were turned off by Mars’ behavior during the pair’s final acceptance speech. In fact, in an unusual turn of events, it wasn’t what he said on stage that left a bad impression, but rather something he did.

Bruno Mars took his celebration too far

While accepting the Grammy award for record of the year, which was Silk Sonic’s fourth Grammy Award win of the night, Bruno Mars’ collaborator, Anderson .Paak, announced, “In the industry, we call that a clean sweep!” Then, in a move that stunned Twitter, Mars pulled a cigarette out of his pocket and lit it up on the Grammys stage.

Viewers were shocked at Mars’ disregard for others’ comfort with smoking indoors, and noted that the out-of-date move matched up with his old school approach to music. Twitter user @jonathanjewel wrote, “Seriously, why is Bruno Mars smoking while accepting an award? It’s 2022, not 1962.”

Another user, @lostchildcle, had a bold statement to make, reflecting on other recent award show faux pas. They wrote, “Bruno Mars lighting up a cigarette, indoors, in 2022 was more shocking than Will Smith slapping Chris Rock [at the 2022 Academy Awards].” Though Mars certainly turned fewer heads that Smith’s dramatic move, he could be considered similarly disrespectful within the Recording Academy. Only time will tell.

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