3 injured, 1 arrested in shooting at Delaware’s Christiana Mall

Officials say at least three people were shot in the food court.


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The Christiana Mall in Delaware has been closed due to shots fired in an active shooter situation Saturday evening.

Delaware State Police said the mall was evacuated and will remain closed for the rest of the night.

Officials say at least three people were shot in the food court.

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Dozens of first responders and law enforcement have responded to the Christiana Mall for what Delaware State Police are calling a “criminal investigation” Saturday night.

The mall has been closed and police are advising people to avoid the area.

While police have not yet released additional details, they were called to the mall to respond to a reported shooting, according to the police scanner. Dozens of social media posts also report there was a shooting in the mall, including from people who say they were at the mall when it occurred.

One person has been taken away in an ambulance.

Most first responders were centered around the entrance to the food court, where police seemed to be investigating. Police have taped off a perimeter around the entrances to the Cheesecake Factory and Barnes & Noble.

Police manned the area with long rifles and asked the dozens of onlookers to back up, saying the area hasn’t been declared safe. A police helicopter was also flying above the mall as first responder vehicles with lights flashing sat stationed between Target and Nordstrom.

The mall is located at 132 Christiana Mall in Newark, Delaware.

Traffic could be seen building around the mall, as well, as police continued to arrive with lights flashing.

This is a breaking news story. Check back for updates.

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