Moments before fatal Florida gator attack on 85-year-old woman caught on video

A video has emerged showing the moments before a 85-year-old Florida woman was fatally attacked by an alligator while walking her dog in a retirement community.

Gloria Serge was by a retention pond behind her house in Fort Pierce, Florida, on Monday when the 10-foot-long alligator crawled up from the water and first tried to attack her dog.

The surveillance footage shows the reptile swimming in a direct path toward Serge’s dog before it rises out of the water and scampers up the embankment in pursuit of the animal.

The elderly woman was taken to the ground with the alligator then biting her feet, and then she was dragged into the water. While the woman’s body was recovered from the retention pond, the dog survived.

“Please hurry!… It’s a huge gator. It’s huge, I don’t have anything to give to her,” a neighbor is heard saying in a frantic 911 call released by Fort Pierce Police.

“It’s too late. Oh, my God,” the woman is later heard saying.

“Did the gator pull her under?” the dispatcher asks.

“Yes,” the neighbor screams.

“Alright, you don’t see any of her body, nothing sticking out?” the dispatcher says.

“Nothing, she’s gone,” the woman replies.

Witnesses said the alligator came up to them and took hold of the dog. In an attempt to free her pet from the alligator’s grip, the woman grappled with the gator and was bitten.

The 85-year-old woman succumbed to her injuries shortly after the attack, according to FWC officials. Rescuers recovered the woman’s body from the scene. Fortunately, her dog survived.

The alligator involved in the attack was trapped as a result.

Although alligator attacks are very rare, these creatures can still endanger individuals, pets, and property. In the event that an alligator is spotted, authorities advise individuals to maintain a safe distance and refrain from feeding it. Any instances of problematic alligators can be reported by dialing the FWC’s toll-free hotline at 866-392-4286.

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