Ex-NFL Player Kevin Ware is a Suspect After Remains ID’d as Missing Girlfriend Taylor Pomaski

Pomaski had been missing since last April

Human remains found in Texas last December have been identified as Taylor Pomaski, the 29-year-old girlfriend of former NFL player Kevin Ware, law enforcement officials said. Nearly six months after the remains were discovered in Harris County, the Institute of Forensic Science positively identified them as Pomaski’s, according to Fox 26 Houston.

Pomaski was last seen at a house party on April 25. Kevin Ware, who played two seasons in the NFL, Ware was considered a person of interest in Pomaski’s disappearance. He has not been charged in connection with the case as of this time, according to authorities.

“The investigation is still open and active and homicide investigators are diligent on bringing this case to a close,” senior deputy Thomas Gilliland told NBC.

At the time of Pomaski’s disappearance, Ware was out on bond on an unrelated charge.

The U.S. Marshals Service arrested Kevin Ware in June on a bond violation after he failed to appear for supervision earlier in the year. The ex-football player initially tried to evade capture and was apprehended after a brief car chase.

Coby DuBose, an attorney for Kevin Ware, said at the time that his client had been cooperating with authorities on the Pomaski case.

“He’s told the police everything that he knows and he’s led them through his house. He’s let them in his home, and that’s really all we’re going to say about that,” DuBose said.

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Taylor Pomaski Bio – Taylor Pomaski Wiki

Remains found in Texas have been identified as missing 29-year-old Taylor Christine Pomaski.

Taylor Pomaski, 29, last seen at a house party in Spring, Texas on April 25, 2021, has been identified as the remains of the Harris County Forensic Science Institute, the office said.


Investigators in Texas have identified human remains found in December as the body of Taylor Pomaski, the missing girlfriend of former NFL athlete Kevin Ware.

“The investigation is still open and active, and homicide investigators are busy completing this case,” Deputy Chief of Police Thomas Gilliland said in an email.

The remains were found in northern Harris County on Dec. 10 as authorities searched for clues to their disappearance, the sheriff’s office previously said.


Pomaski was living with Ware, a former San Francisco 49ers player, when she was reported missing.

Prosecutors identified Ware as a suspect in her disappearance during an unrelated gun and drug hearing. No charges were brought against Ware in connection with Pomaski’s disappearance.

Ware’s lawyer Kobe DuBose said at the time that the former athlete had teamed up with the authorities.

“He told the police everything he knew and showed them the house.

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