Footage shows moment police shoot Dallas airport shooting suspect

Video shows moment cops shoot suspect at Dallas airport

By David Propper

Dramatic new footage shows the apparent moment police shot and injured a woman accused of opening fire inside a Dallas airport on Monday.

Travelers at the Dallas Love Field airport were seen ducking in horror as what appears to be a single shot rings out followed by a woman’s agonizing screams, according to video obtained by CBS 11 and posted on Twitter.

The clip then shows an officer with his gun drawn race toward the area where the suspect was as authorities can be heard yelling to stay down and not to move.

The frightening moment concluded an incident in which 37-year-old Portia Odufuwa allegedly fired her weapon several times toward the ceiling at about 11 a.m. after emerging from a women’s restroom, Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia said during a press conference.

No one was killed or injured.

Dallas Love Field Airport

Dallas travelers were ducking in fear for safety.Twitter/Jonathan Adams

Dallas Love Field Airport

Police arrived at the active shooter scene immediately.

J.D. Miles/CBS 11 News

Dallas Love Field Airport

Authorities shot the alleged shooter in her leg to restrain her.J.D. Miles/CBS 11 News

Portia Odufuwa

Portia Odufuwa is the alleged shooter. Her motive has not been reported.Dallas County Sheriff

Dallas airport

No one was seriously injured in the frightening incident.Twitter/MikeyLoewinsohn

Authorities said an officer quickly responded and fired their weapon, hitting Odufuwa in the lower extremities. She was taken to a local hospital.

Another video obtained by CBS 11 reporter JD Miles and shared online shows officers with the injured suspect as paramedics arrived to take her away.

A motive has not been reported and charges against Odufuwa have been announced.

Dallas Love Field Airport

The shooter fired her gun toward the ceiling.AP/Tony Gutierrez

Dallas Love Field

Odufuwa was taken to a local hospital after her arrest.AP/Tony Gutierrez

Dallas Love Field

Dallas Chief of Police Chief Eddie Garcia (right) arrives at the crime scene.AP/Tony Gutierrez

Airline passengers were sent scrambling after the shooting began, with one woman, Kristen Smith, telling The Post she was waiting at a Southwest Airlines gate with her 10-year-old son when a “crowd started running towards us and saying ‘Run’ and ‘Active shooter.’ ”

“At first, I just saw a teenage girl running and thought, ‘She’s just trying to catch a flight’ and then behind her, a whole crowd just running,” Smith said. “In the climate we are in now with all the shootings we had, people just reacted.”

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