Four juveniles shot outside Pittsburgh Westinghouse, but injuries are not life-threatening

By Sarah Schneider

police lights car
Matt Rourke/AP
Shown are the lights of a police vehicle

Four juveniles were shot outside of Pittsburgh Westinghouse Academy in Homewood shortly before 3 p.m. Tuesday, according to Pittsburgh Public Safety officials.

None of the juveniles suffered life-threatening injuries, public safety officials said in a tweet. The department established a student pick-up location near the school shortly after the shooting.

Pittsburgh Public Schools said all four students were transported for hospital treatment and were in stable condition.

The school will operate remotely tomorrow.

In a statement Tuesday night, Pittsburgh Mayor Ed Gainey asked for prayer for the wounded students, their families and “the entire Westinghouse community” following the shootings.

“Westinghouse is a community filled with scholars and champions, and I want everyone to know and celebrate their accomplishments, and not just focus on the violence we saw today,” he said. “It is on all of us to show these students that we love and care for them as they recover from this tragedy.”

The mayor also decried another incident involving gun violence in the city, and he renewed his call for gun-reform legislation in Pennsylvania.

“For too long gun manufacturers have been able to avoid any accountability for their role in our ongoing epidemic of gun violence,” he said. “Earlier today, I called to change the law that gives manufacturers immunity from lawsuits so we can hold these manufacturers accountable for the innocent lives that have been harmed by their weapons.

“Our city deserves to have a lasting peace, and that means we have to work to find ways to resolve our conflicts that don’t involve using guns and bullets,” Gainey added. “We can and must do better for our children and for our future.”

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