HIGHLAND PARK, Ill. – The 2-year-old boy whose parents were both killed in a shooting at a Highland Park parade on Monday still doesn’t know his parents are dead, ABC News reports.

Aiden McCarthy was at the parade with his parents, Irina and Kevin McCarthy, when Robert Krima III allegedly opened fire, killing seven people and injuring more than 30.

“Kevin died a hero and Irina was a loving mother,” said Tony Colon, a cousin.

Both his parents were killed. He was found by other parade participants, who carried him to safety and helped reunite him with his grandparents. Since then he remains under their care.

“They’re devastated, they’re broken. It’s not good,” said Irina Colon, a cousin.

ABC News reports that he believes his parents are on the trip. According to a family member who spoke to ABC News, every time the car pulls up in the driveway, he says, “Mommy and Daddy are home.”

Kevin McCarthy, 37, and Irina McCarthy, 35, were among the seven people were killed during the mass shooting. Their son, Aiden, was separated from his parents during the chaos.

The family is working with mental health professionals to determine the best time and way to tell Aiden that his parents are gone, ABC News reported.

Lauren Silva was also at the parade with her teenage son and said they were returning to the garage to get their wallet when the shooting happened.

“When we heard that the shots had stopped, we went back upstairs to see the bodies,” Silva said. “We saw about five bodies on the ground in Highland Park Square. It was empty. It was like the apocalypse. It was eerie and quiet.”

People had already fled from the circle where the victims fell, and said they saw the young man’s parents face down.

She remembered that Aiden had to be pulled from under his father. His grandfather said he survived because his father covered him with his body.

“When I came up from the landing, my boyfriend was holding Aiden in his arms where he had just gotten him out from under his father who had fallen on top of him after he had been shot,” she said.

She handed him over to the Ring family, who helped get him to safety.

“Every time I tried to ask him what his name was, he answered me: “Mom, dad, hurry up and get me. My mom’s car is coming to pick me up soon,” Dana Ring recalled in an interview that aired Wednesday on Good Morning America.