Late Saturday shooting in crowd leaves 1 dead, at least 8 injured, Tallahassee police say

“At this time, the extent of injuries and the total number injured are still under investigation,” stated TPD.

At least one person is dead and eight are injured after a mass shooting late Saturday night near Florida State University campus, according to the Tallahassee Police Department.

Police shot and apprehended a man who they suspect is involved in the shooting late Saturday night.

Two other suspects were also detained. All three have local ties, police said.

“There were dozens and dozens of shots that rang out from this, and we’ll continue to gather the information that’s necessary to put all the pieces together, so there could be others,” said Tallahassee Police Chief Lawrence Revell at a press conference Sunday morning.

It is not yet known what type of guns were used.

USA TODAY defines a mass shooting as an incident where at least four people are hit with gunfire, even if there are no fatalities. Mass killing refers is an incident in which at least four people are killed.

It’s the capital city’s worst shooting since the 2018 Hot Yoga shooting that killed two people and injured five.

Police were controlling crowds Saturday night in the West Pensacola Street area when “multiple individuals within the crowds” began shooting near Half-Time Liquors and Los Compadres, according to a press release.

Officers found a male victim, who died at the scene, near Half-Time Liquors.

Eight other victims of the shooting have injuries ranging from minor to serious, Revell said, and were taken to local hospitals.

In total, 10 were shot, including the shooter. Victims were both male and female, Revell said.

Police said they saw an armed man shooting into a crowd near a McDonald’s and, according to police, told the man to put the weapon down. They then shot the man and detained him.

The suspect did not sustain life-threatening injuries, Revell said during the press conference. He was shot in the lower back, the buttocks and hamstring. The officers who shot the suspect have been placed on administrative leave, per protocol.

Police shut down West Pensacola Street between Stadium Drive to White Drive for the investigation.

The shootings came at the culmination of a busy weekend in Florida’s capital city, which has grappled with a surge in gun violence for years.

Both Florida State University and Florida A&M University held home football games, with FSU’s at noon and FAMU’s Saturday evening game a part of its homecoming celebration.

The shootings happened mere blocks from FSU’s campus and sports complex.

TPD said the incident is an open and active investigation.

This story is being updated. Check back for more information.

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