Missing Missouri children found with fugitive mother wearing disguises at Florida supermarket

By Selim Algar

Two young siblings who went missing from Missouri last year were found with their fugitive mother, all dressed in disguise, at a Florida supermarket last week, police said.

Brooke and Adrian Gilley, 11 and 12, vanished last March and were believed to have been kidnapped by their biological mother, who did not have custody of them at the time.

The trio were located at a Winn-Dixie market in High Springs last week after a routine traffic check on the car of their mother, Kristi Gilley, revealed she was on the run from Missouri cops.

High Springs police located Gilley, 36, and her children inside the supermarket as they were shopping and she was placed under arrest.

Details as to why she was stripped of guardianship and how she abducted the kids was not immediately available.

She abducted the kids was not immediately available.

Brooke and Adrian Gilley

Brooke and Adrian Gilley were in disguises with their birth mother when found.High Springs Police Department

Kristi GilleyDuring a routine traffic stop, Kristi Gilley revealed she was on the run from Missouri cops.
High Springs Police DepartmentHigh Springs is located about 20 miles from Gainvesville.
Gilley remained behind bars in Florida on Sunday, and will be returned to Missouri to face charges there.

An update from Liberty police depoartment in Missouri said: “Both Gilley kids have been safely located out of state. Their non-custodial mother is in custody on parental kidnapping charges … Thank you to everyone who shared this post as it helped bring these children home.”
The two children were turned over to the Florida Department of Children and Families and will be handed over to their Missouri relatives, officials said.

The siblings vanished from Missouri in March.
The two siblings vanished from Missouri last March.

High Springs Police Department
They were found in good health.Gilley initially kidnapped the children from Clay
County, a suburb of Kansas City and managed to elude authorities for nearly a year.

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