Gunshots and police activity have been reported in several locations in Greenville tonight. There has still been no official reports or statements given by the Greenville Police Department, but one eye witness shared her account of one of those locations.

The eye witness, who has requested to remain anonymous, said she was driving home with her son when the shooting at the intersection of Mississippi 1 and U.S. 82 took place.

She said they were driving west on U.S. 82 at about 8 p.m. and sitting at the light near Mississippi 1 and 82 when they saw about five or six police vehicles on the opposite side of the highway.

“The closer we get I can see a car in the middle of the road with cops all out there and from where we were I could not tell if it was a wreck or what,” she said. “So we move on up and keep driving and we were probably 50 yards from all of that when all of the sudden guns started going off. You could see the cops out there and they were shooting into this vehicle.”

Once the shooting started, they turned their car around on the highway and then proceeded to drive along Colorado Street to access Reed Road so they could go to their home on Rosedale Street.

“The closer we get to the highway from Reed Road, there’s cops just flying everywhere. … When we get up the red light, we can see there are cops down past Sonic. … It looked all the police were between Exxon and past the Temple Baptist Church and that’s where tons of lights, cops, ambulances, sheriffs were. We could see it all from our backyard.”

Still shaken up, she said she is just grateful they made it home safely.

“Us coming up to that shooting, it was like I was in a movie. If we would have kept going or been there a little sooner, we could have been caught in the crossfire,” she said.


Further details will be shared as soon as we learn more information.

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