Oregon Cold Stone Creamery employee loses 3 fingers on the job: reports

An Oregon woman lost three fingers while cleaning an ice cream machine at a Cold Stone Creamery where she worked last week.

Jordyn Martin, 21, was wiping inside the machine on March 15 when the towel she was using became snagged by rotors and was drawn with her hand into the maw of the machine’s blades.

Three fingers on her right hand – her pointer, middle, and ring fingers – were severed, and she was rushed to the hospital. By the time Martin made it to surgery it was too late to reattach the fingers.

The Cold Stone, in the city of Corvallis, re-opened the day after the accident, according to KEZI. Former employees – who quit as a result of the incident – told KOIN 6 News the same machine continued to be used.

Martin’s family set up a GoFundMe to help raise money for her medical costs and bills while she recovers from her injury.

Former employee Abigail Thomas was at the ice cream shop when the accident happened.

‘There was blood splatter all over the store, including the remnants of the fingers,’ Thomas told KOIN.

Emily Kilpatrick was also working at the shop at the time and rushed to the hospital with Martin. Once there, she said doctors requested somebody go back to the shop and retrieve Martin’s fingers.

‘The rag had pulled her hand in, so that rag wrapped around her fingers and pulled her fingers off until there was pummeled bone and blood all inside of the machine,’ Kilpatrick told KOIN. ‘The fingers were wrapped in the mangled rag.’

The employees said the store had previously failed an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) inspection because the same machine Martin lost her fingers in was deemed unsafe.

‘We were never trained on safety protocols at this Cold Stone,’ Thomas said. ‘The few times that our bosses came out, they just told us that our stores looked great.

‘We didn’t know that the machine we were using was even capable of doing something like that. We thought it was completely safe to use and to clean, even when running.’

Thomas said after the accident, managers were unmoved by Martin’s situation.

‘They didn’t even ask if she was OK first,’ she said. ‘Their follow-up question was basically: “Who are you going to get in to reopen the store?” If the owners handled the situation with our co-worker differently, maybe it would have been different with the employees quitting.’

Martin, Thomas, and Kilpatrick said they all quit shortly thereafter. They added that the machine remained in use.

‘They’re still serving ice cream out of the machine after sanitizing it,’ Kilpatrick told KOIN.

On the GoFundMe, Martin’s older sister, Kylee Rochefort, wrote that Jordyn needed extra time readjusting to her new life because the fingers she lost were on her dominant hand.

‘Unfortunately this is going to take some time but she can’t work and this was her dominant hand,’ she wrote, adding the injury was caused by the Cold Stone’s ‘unsafe work conditions.’

‘She still has bills to pay and car payments to make that don’t stop just because she lost her fingers.’

Rochefort added that Martin’s fingers were ‘too mangled’ to reattach by the time she made it to the hospital.

As of Thursday, the GoFundMe had raised more than $6,000 of its $10,000 goal. Rochefort titled the page ‘In memory of Jordyn’s fingers please lend a hand.’ On it, Martin was pictured with a smile on her face as she held up her cast-bound hand inked with ‘thug life’ across where her fingers had previously been

Cold Stone Creamery Parent company, Kahala Brands, told KOIN they were investigating the incident.

‘We are aware of the unfortunate accident that occurred in a Corvallis, Oregon store and are investigating the matter further,’ a company spokesperson said.

‘We care about the well-being of all employees and are committed to prioritizing workplace safety, as well as supporting all our franchisees in doing the same in the restaurants they own and operate.’

OSHA also said it had opened an investigation.

Martin’s attorney told KOIN she was filing a worker’s compensation claim.

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