‘Please come home’: Husband of missing Spring Branch woman begs for her return

Chris Antos said the last time he saw his wife was at their RV home

 Sarah Duran

SPRING BRANCH, Texas — The Comal County Sheriff’s Office is searching for 45-year-old Shana DiMambro after she vanished from her RV home in Spring Branch last Tuesday morning.

On social media, deputies said DiMambro was last seen wearing a white v-neck, pink shorts and black flip flops.

However, her husband Chris Antos wants her to know he is desperately looking for her and won’t stop searching until she is found.

“I love you. Please come home. We want you back,” said Antos.

Antos recalls the conversation he had with his wife the night before her disappearance. He said his wife vocalized ‘some darkness with her and her past’ and mentioned her struggles with depression.

“Depression is powerful but she had a lot to live for and a lot to believe in,” said Antos.

Antos said he left for work the next morning and when he returned for lunch around noon, his wife was gone.

However, he noticed DiMambro’s things were left behind like her car, cell phone, wallet, cigarettes and dog. Antos said he began searching the RV park’s laundry room, and after, a nearby gas station.

“I didn’t see anything, came back here and I was like, ‘Okay, things aren’t right. I got to call the cops, so I called the police and I called her father,” he said.

The Comal County Sheriff’s Office continues searching for the Spring Branch woman. Search and rescue organization Texas Equusearch and Project Absentis are also assisting the family.

Antos said his wife’s family has also been by his side since she’s been missing.

“I don’t know what I would’ve done without them,” he said.

Many in the community have also vocalized their desire to help in the Facebook group Shana DiMambro Missing. Antos said he is hoping to have a public search for his wife soon.

“The fight is still there. We’re not going to stop until we know of something about where Shana is or until she is home.”

Anyone with information about DiMambro’s case is urged to contact the Comal County Sheriff’s Office at 830-620-3400 or Chris Antos at 210-529-4124.

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