Police: Suspect used Nathan Millard’s debit card night he went missing

BATON ROUGE — The man police named a person of interest in the Nathan Millard case is now in custody, sources confirm to Unfiltered with Kiran.

Derrick Perkins, 45, was arrested Monday March 13 in Baton Rouge, sources confirm. He was arrested and charged with unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, access device fraud and as a fugitive.

Baton Rouge Police reached out to the public in helping find Perkins last Friday after they had been searching for him for several days to no avail.

Access device fraud

In an affidavit obtained by UWK, police say that Perkins used Millard’s debit card at the Kangaroo Express on Highland Rd. This is near the Wienerschnitzel and LSU’s campus.

Police say Perkins is seen on surveillance video “making multiple purchases” at the store “throughout the day”. The purchases match Millard’s bank statements, according to the arrest documents.

Perkins also allegedly made purchases a few blocks away at the AM Mart liquor store on Highland Rd., according to the arrest record.

Unauthorized use of a motor vehicle

Police allege that the car Perkins was seen in at the convenience store on Highland Rd. is the same car that was reported stolen on February 3.

The victim says he was helping a friend move on E. Buchanan St. when the car was stolen.

Police say that same car, a blue 2004 Toyota Camry, matches the car Perkins was seen in at the convenience store on February 23.

“The black male entered the store and/or used the missing subject’s debit card at the gas pumps,” police say. “(He) was later positively identified” as Perkins by a confidential informant, the documents show.

Police say license plate readers throughout Baton Rouge show that someone switched the license plate on the car sometime at the end of February or beginning of March.

“The scans showed that the front bumper had been spray painted a different shade of blue. The scans showed the specific dents in the passenger’s side doors as well as the bumper sticker on the bottom of the driver’s side rear bumper (that the victim identified).”

UWK has also learned Perkins’ vehicle was found torched close to where Millard’s body was recovered. Sources confirm a cadaver dog was able to lead officers to Perkins’ car, specifically the trunk, despite it being burnt.

It’s unclear if Perkins will face any additional charges related to Millard’s disappearance.

Millard death investigation

Millard, 42, disappeared February 22 during what was supposed to be a quick 24-hour work trip. Millard was reportedly in town to meet with a client at a construction site.

His body was found around 3 a.m. on March 6 after someone called saying there was a bad smell off of Scenic Hwy. near Chippewa St. in Baton Rouge.

When officials responded to the 2900 block of Scenic Hwy., they found Millard’s body wrapped up in a rug and plastic. Sources say the body was badly decomposing.

An autopsy by the East Baton Rouge Parish Coroner’s Office reveals there was no internal or external trauma to the body. The cause and manner of death will have to wait on the final results of a toxicology report.

Millard’s wife, Amber, has requested the Louisiana State Police to take over the investigation from the Baton Rouge Police Dept. She spoke one-on-one with Unfiltered with Kiran on who her husband was and how she feels about BRPD’s response to her husband’s disappearance and death investigations.


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