See Jennifer Lopez’s Green Engagement Ring from Ben Affleck: ‘My Lucky Color’

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are engaged, and the gorgeous ring he picked out for her appears to have extra special meaning!

The music superstar shared her engagement news in her On the JLo newsletter on Friday — complete with a video of her green stone, set on a silver band. In a previous newsletter, Lopez went into detail about how the color has a special meaning to her.

“I always say the color green is my lucky color,” Lopez, 52, once wrote, pointing to the iconic jungle-print Versace gown she wore to the 2000 Grammys. “Maybe you can remember a certain green dress.”

“I’ve realized there are many moments in my life where amazing things happened when I was wearing green,” she continued.

Jennifer Lopez

Lopez referenced a piece of artwork that hangs in her office, which features a green bird perched on someone’s hand and the words “Let Go” on either side.

“I don’t buy a lot of art, but I bought this,” she shared. “One because I love hummingbirds, and two because I love the color green. Birds always fly around me. I’ve always had a special connection with hummingbirds. I realized that a lot of people say they symbolize love. So whenever it feels like wherever I go, they follow me. Whenever I am in a moment of doubt and confusion, one will magically appear by my window, reminding me that the universe will always speak to us if we are open to the signs.”

Her association between the color green and good fortune was one of those signs, with Lopez revealing it taught her that “there are no coincidences” in life.

“It says, ‘Let go,’ which at that moment in my life was something that I really needed to do,” she said. “It has become one of my insights and philosophies…that anything you hold on to too tightly you will break. I love in this picture how the hand is wide open, and the bird is just sitting there… Not. Going. Anywhere. It’s about trust. We have to trust that what is for us, will be for us, no matter what. Trust and love.”

JLo's sister IG

PEOPLE confirmed through Lopez’s rep on Friday that she and Affleck, 49, are engaged.

Days earlier, Lopez was photographed wearing what appeared to be her engagement ring on her finger. On Friday, her sister Lynda shared a photo of the ring to her Instagram Story while sending congratulations to the pair.

The couple’s happy news comes a year after they rekindled their romance. They previously began dating in July 2002 and got engaged that November before postponing their September 2003 wedding just days before the date. They ultimately called off their engagement in January 2004.

Back in February, Lopez told PEOPLE what makes their connection different now compared to 18 years ago, saying, “We’re older now, we’re smarter, we have more experience, we’re at different places in our lives, we have kids now, and we have to be very conscious of those things.”

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

The Marry Me star shares 14-year-old twins Emme and Max with ex-husband Marc Anthony, and Affleck, 49, shares three kids with ex-wife Jennifer Garner: Violet, 16, Seraphina, 13, and Samuel, 10.

“It’s a beautiful outcome that this has happened in this way at this time in our lives where we can really appreciate and celebrate each other and respect each other,” Lopez told PEOPLE. “We always did, but we have even more of an appreciation because we know that life can take you in different directions.”

She added, “We have been in the game in the public eye long enough to know who we are as people and what really matters and what doesn’t matter. We have kids and we respect each other. … We really live our lives in a way we can be proud of and our kids can be proud of you. We’re just operating from a place of love and respect for everyone in our lives and that is very important to us. We know what the truth is [and] we hold it sacred.”

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