Search warrant reveals new details about missing Everman boy’s disappearance

FORT WORTH ( — The search warrant affidavit for a missing Everman boy’s home revealed troubling new details about the case, including another possible reason for his disappearance.

The warrant says that when police were first contacted anonymously by a family member last month, there were rumors within the family that Noel Rodriguez-Alvarez had been sold or killed by his mother, Cindy Rodriguez Singh.

Investigators spoke to Cindy’s brother, who said Cindy told her mother she had sold Noel to an unknown woman at Fiesta Market. He added that Cindy later claimed that she could not contact the woman due to her fear of being reported to CPS. There were no other details about exactly when or where this possible sale happened.

The warrant also details allegations of abuse that Cindy’s brother witnessed the last time Cindy and her children were at his house, about a year ago.

He said he was told not to give Noel any water because Cindy didn’t want to change his diaper. And when they did give him water, he said he later observed his sister hitting the boy with keys on a lanyard.

The warrant says that the last person to see Noel alive was the owner of the home where they were staying in Everman, during Thanksgiving Day last year.

Police last gave an update on the case last week. They said they were still working with federal agencies, trying to locate Cindy Rodriguez Singh and the family in India.

They dug under concrete for evidence at the house in Everman last week, but didn’t find anything. At the time, the police chief said he hadn’t seen any evidence that solidified whether Noel is dead or alive.

They’re still looking for tips from anyone who may have seen him in the last year.

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