Shocking video of Times Square carnage

Horrifying video has emerged Friday showing the Times Square madman’s path of carnage as he barreled over pedestrians in his car.

The video begins showing Richard Rojas’ maroon Honda Accord making its way south in the left lane at Seventh Avenue and 42nd Street before making a sharp U-turn and jumping onto the sidewalk.

The car then plows through a crowd, sending people flying in all directions in a sickening scene that is captured from multiple surveillance cameras.

Stunned passers-by are seen trying to avoid being mowed down, but many are struck and end up sprawled on the sidewalk.

Some remain down while others struggle to get up and look toward the vehicle as it continues the rampage.

The Honda is then seen crashing into a stanchion at Broadway and 45th Street, where the driver gets out of the car and runs toward pedestrians with his arms outstretched.

He is almost immediately tackled by a person who appears to be a traffic agent, but he gets up and continues to run until he is finally subdued.


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