Stockton Serial Killer Victims Had Four Things In Common


As the investigation into a series of killings in Stockton, California continues, police have said that they believe all five of the killings were related, and all of the victims had several things in common.

On Friday, September 30, the Stockton Police Department released new information about a string of similar killings and posted photos of a possible “person of interest” in the crimes. The information has prompted many to believe that there is a possible serial killer in the city, with Chief Stanley McFadden saying that “by definition, you could probably very well call this serial killings.”

According to the information released by police, all five victims were men. Police said that the first killing occurred on July 8 and resulted in the death of a 35-year-old white man. Two other killings that occurred in August resulted in the deaths of a 43-year-old Hispanic man and a 21-year-old Hispanic man, police said.

On September 21, a 52-year-old Hispanic man was killed in the city and a few days later on September 27, a 54-year-old Hispanic man was killed, according to police. Police Line

A stock photo of police crime scene tape. On Friday, September 30, 2022, the Stockton Police Department in California released information on a person of interest in a series of killings.LARRY W. SMITH/GETTY IMAGES

Additionally, all of the victims died by gunshot, the Stockton Police Department said. It is currently unclear if police have any information on the type of gun that was used and if it was the same for all five killings.

The Stockton Police Department also said in the news release that each of the victims was “walking alone” and that “these homicides occurred in the evening or early morning hours.”

Additionally, the Stockton Police Department confirmed to Newsweek that each of the five victims were “ambushed.”

“Our investigators have reviewed many hours of video surveillance,” the Stockton Police Department said in Friday’s release which was also shared on social media. “They believe they located a ‘person of interest’ in this investigation. Please see the attached photograph.”


The news release also noted that a reward of $85,000 is being offered for any information on the killings that leads to an arrest. “If anyone, has information regarding these investigations, call us immediately. Please remember our victims have grieving family members who need resolution. If you know something, say something,” the news release said.

During a recent press conference, McFadden said that while police “have no information that there’s a serial killer” in the city, he noted that they “haven’t ruled out anything yet.”

“We are seeing some patterns and similarities in some of our more recent homicides where we’re taking a closer look at. We don’t know if it’s one person, or if it’s five or six people. We just don’t have that information right now,” he said.

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