Three people arrested in North Carolina for tying up, torturing victim in basement

Three suspects were arrested and charged in North Carolina yesterday after allegedly kidnapping and torturing an unidentified person.

The victim reportedly escaped after being tied to a chair with barbed wire, kicked, punched and carved into with a knife, and was taken to hospital for treatment after showing up at a resident’s house saying they had been kidnapped.

Madison County police followed the lead back to a nearby residence and determined that Patrick Banks, James Angel and Nicole Sawyer had forcibly trapped the victim in the basement as they had described.

The victim was found with multiple cuts on their face, body and arms after being slashed and beaten with guns, and had crosses carved into their face and body, Sheriff Buddy Harwood said.

Suspect Patrick BanksSuspect Nicole SawyerSuspect James Angel

Patrick Banks (L), Nicole Sawyer (C) and James Angel (R) were arrested and charged by police

Image shows the chair allegedly used to tie down the victim in a basement in North Carolina

Image shows the chair allegedly used to tie down the victim in a basement in North Carolina

The three suspects were taken into custody and charged.

All three were charged with assault using a deadly weapon inflicting serious bodily injury with intent to kill, first-degree kidnapping and possession of a weapon of mass destruction.

Banks was additionally charged with the possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

The Sheriff’s office said the victim had been struck in the head both with guns and a crowbar.

Images released by the office showed a crowbar, a shotgun and a handgun, as well as ammunition, two distinct pistol magazines and a knife.

Image provided by Madison County Sheriff's Office shows the weapons haul after the search

Image provided by Madison County Sheriff’s Office shows the weapons haul after the search

Only last week, a North Carolina man was arrested after allegedly kidnapping a woman he met at a gas station and attempting to kill her ‘for the thrill’ of it.

Hunter Chase Nance, 24, was arrested last Wednesday on charges of false imprisonment and kidnapping after the victim claimed she was attacked and held at his home.

The victim went to Nance’s China Grove home where she was locked in and held at knifepoint, before she grabbed the knife and fled.

He allegedly told police that they had ‘spoiled’ his plans to mutilate and eat her, and to leave her remains in the road for all to see.

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