UPDATES: At least 30 dead in migrant boat sinkings along the coast of Greece

GREEK COAST GUARDS are continuing to scour for survivors in the Aegean Sea this morning after the latest in a series of migrant boat accidents that have killed at least 30 people in just days.

Last night, the coastguard found 16 bodies, including those of three women and a baby, and rescued 63 people from a boat that overturned and sank near the island of Paros.

According to those rescued, around 80 people had been on the vessel.

Three coast guard patrol boats, private vessels, a coast guard plane as well as divers searched for more survivors, officials said.

The latest tragedy – the third since Wednesday – came amid high smuggler activity not seen in Greek waters in months.

Hours earlier, 11 bodies were recovered from another boat that ran aground on an islet north of the Greek island of Antikythera on Thursday evening.


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