UPDATES: Investigation Underway After Small Plane Crashes in Neighborhood Near El Cajon; Power Outages

Authorities are investigating a plane crash in the unincorporated Bostonia neighborhood near El Cajon Monday that caused some power outages in the area.

A small plane crashed on the roadway of Pepper Drive near North Mollison at around 7:15 p.m., just east of Gillespie Field, said Lakeside Fire Protection District Chief, Don Butz.

NBC 7 spoke to some residents in the area who said heard the plane crash near their house.

“We were outside and basically, we heard the plane getting closer. Normally they get loud because we live right by the airport, but it got really, really loud and all of the sudden, we think it could’ve hit our power lines above our house, but we just saw bright blue and orange flashing lights and we heard the electricity running,” said Lauren Watling, a nearby resident. “And then after that, we heard the plane actually crash. We ran out immediately and there was a ton of smoke everywhere. All we saw was fire and smoke.”

Matt Celustka told NBC 7 he heard a plane fly particularly low and was just waiting to hear an impact.

“I heard the pops and I just knew at that point. And I was worried if it hit any houses,” said Celustka. “I went outside with a couple of neighbors just to see, and all I could see were flames in front of houses, up at the top of the street.”

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