What Happened To Daria Dugina? Military Expert Alexander Dugin Daughter Died In Explosion

An explosion happened in a car belonging to the daughter of well-known Russian politician Alexander Dugin late on Saturday night in Moscow.

Sputnik received confirmation from a police source that a car had caught fire in the Moscow neighborhood of Odintsovsky.

Some western observers regularly refer to Dugin as “Putin’s brain” and believe he is the driving force behind Russian “military operations” in Crimea and Ukraine.

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What Happened To Daria Dugina?

Witnesses claim that around 9.45 p.m., Daria Dugina’s automobile exploded on the Mozhayskoye motorway. The car in the middle of the road was shaken by the explosion, and its wreckage is said to have spread.

According to early reports, she died right away before her father even had a chance to say goodbye to her. Later, as seen in a video shared on social media, senior Alexander Dugin arrived at the scene of the collision on Mozhayskoye Highway.

In an attack that left smoke pouring into the air, Putin’s soldiers made frantic attempts to shoot down the UAV, as seen in a video where repeated firing is audible.

The explosion allegedly took place before to the accident with the Land Cruiser Prado, according to a number of articles in Russian media.

Official confirmation of the explosion’s cause is still pending. If her father was the target of an assassination attempt at the time the explosion took place, it is unknown.

According to Gazeta, a car explosion in a village outside of Moscow may have resulted in the death of Daria Dugina, the daughter of close adviser to Russian President Vladimir Putin Aleksander Dugin.

They were ready to leave the Tradition family gathering at the Zakharovo farm together, according to Darya’s friend Peter Lundstrom, when he got into another car.

Instead, according to The Sun, Darya was ambushed by a catastrophic explosion in the jeep.

The local media quickly reported that the explosion was an attempt to murder the Russian novelist.

Regarding Dugina’s occupation, she was a journalist with degrees in political science and philosophy.

After Darya was employed as the head editor of the United World International (UWI) website, which belongs to Yevgeny Prigozhin, the man suspected of interfering in the 2016 presidential election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, the US Treasury also placed sanctions on him.

Daria Dugina Land Cruiser Prado Explosion And Update

At least one fire truck responded to Daria Dugina’s Land Cruiser Prado being on fire at the side of the road, and a video purportedly taken there is now trending on social media.

Despite unsubstantiated claims that this was a botched strike, Denis Pushilin, the head of the Donetsk People’s Republic, claimed that Ukrainian “terrorists” were responsible for “blowing up” Dugin’s daughter.

Pushilin said on Telegram that “Daria is a real Russian girl,” adding that “the terrorists of the Ukrainian dictatorship, aiming to assassinate Alexander Dugin, blew up his daughter… in a car.”

Despite holding no official position in the government, Dugin, a far-right occult novelist who formerly served as editor of the vehemently pro-Putin Tsargrad TV network, is regarded as the Russian warmonger’s “guru advisor” and is claimed to have a substantial influence on him.

According to Dailymail.com, information of Alexander’s attempted murder surfaced soon after a major explosion was caused on Saturday by a kamikaze drone hit during an alleged Ukrainian raid on the Russian Navy’s base in Crimea.

Aleksandr Dugin bio

Russian political philosopher, analyst, and strategist Aleksandr Gelyevich Dugin.

Along with Eduard Limonov, he was the primary organizer of the National Bolshevik Front, the Eurasia Party, and their predecessor, the National Bolshevik Party, which was outlawed by a Russian court in 2005. Additionally, he advised Sergey Naryshkin, a prominent member of the ruling United Russia party, and Gennadiy Seleznyov, the speaker of the State Duma. From 2009 until 2014, he served as the chair of the department of sociology of international relations at Moscow State University; nevertheless, he was forced to resign after receiving criticism for remarks he made towards Ukrainians. Dugin is the author of more than 30 works, including The Fourth Political Theory (1997) and Foundations of Geopolitics (1997). (2009).


Geliy Alexandrovich Dugin, a colonel-general in the Soviet military intelligence and a candidate for the bar, and his wife Galina, a physician and candidate for the medical school, were the parents of Dugin when he was born in Moscow. Although his father abandoned the family when he was three, he made sure they had a respectable level of living and occasionally got Dugin out of problems with the law. Due to his son’s behavior, he was moved to the customs service in 1983. Aleksandr enrolled in the Moscow Aviation Institute in 1979 but was later dismissed. He then started working as a street cleaner while continuing his studies at the Lenin Library using a fake reader’s card. Other versions assert that he began working in a KGB archive instead, where he had access to restricted books on Masonry, Nazism, and paganism.

Dugin joined the “Yuzhinsky group” in 1980, an avant-garde dissident collective that experimented with Satanism and other occult practices. He was well-known in the organization for his support of Nazism, which he credits to a rebellion against his Soviet upbringing rather than actual admiration for Hitler. He created a persona called “Hans Siever,” which is a play on the name of Nazi paranormal researcher Wolfram Sievers. He acquired his knowledge in Italian, German, French, English, and Spanish by independent study. [18] He also accepted the ideals of the Traditionalist School after reading Julius Evola’s books in the V. I. Lenin State Library.

Evgenia Debryanskaya was a Russian activist who was Dugin’s first wife. In honor of Arthur Rimbaud, they gave their kid the name Artur.

On August 20, 2022, a car explosion in the settlement of Bolshiye Vyazyomy west of Moscow claimed the life of Darya Dugin. The explosion’s cause has not yet been determined.

Career and political views

Early activism

Dugin was an anti-communist dissident in the 1980s. Prior to being involved in politics soon before communism fell, Dugin worked as a journalist. He and his companion Geydar Dzhemal joined Pamyat (Memory), an ultranationalist organization that would subsequently give rise to Russian fascism, in 1988. Under Gennady Zyuganov’s direction, he contributed to the programmatic platform for the newly rebuilt Communist Party of the Russian Federation.

Publishing career

The 1997 book Foundations of Geopolitics by Dugin, which some political scientists in the US have referred to as “Russia’s Manifest Destiny,” has been utilized as a textbook in the Russian military’s Academy of the General Staff.

[27] In his piece “Fascism – Borderless and Red,” published in 1997, he said that “national capitalism” prevented Russia from seeing the emergence of a “real, honest, genuinely revolutionary, fascist fascism.” He thinks it was, and “National Socialism’s racial and chauvinistic elements were by no means what shaped its philosophy. Germans alone are responsible for the excesses of this ideology, while Russian fascism combines ardent yearning for real change with natural national conservatism.” He said that the Waffen-SS, particularly its scientific branch, Ahnenerbe, was “an intellectual oasis inside the confines of the National Socialist government.”

The French-Belgian Jean-François Thiriart, a belated supporter of a “Euro-Soviet empire which would stretch from Dublin to Vladivostok and would also need to expand to the south, since it require(s) a port on the Indian Ocean,” was initially lauded by Dugin as he soon started publishing his own journal called Elementy.

[29] Elementy also repeatedly showed his respect for Julius Evola, extolling both Tsarist and Stalinist Russia. Additionally, Dugin worked with the weekly publication Den (The Day), which was once under Alexander Prokhanov’s direction.

Darya Dugina Bio

In 1992, Darya Dugina was born. Russia is where I was born. And Darya Dugina is Alexander Dugin’s daughter. Russian musician Darya Dugina is another. And a car explosion claims the life of Darya Dugina. And Darya Dugina’s father is reportedly Vladimir Putin’s right hand man. Additionally, rumors claim that the daughter of Alexander Dugin, Darya Dugina, perished in a Moscow explosion. Alexander Dugin, Darya Dugina’s father, had also posted a year earlier. It is now definitely true. The father of Darya Dugina stated on social media that “those who cannot kill me.” They have the power to murder a person close to me.

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