What Was Amber Heard Doing With Her Nose on the Stand During the Johnny Depp Case?

By David Rufful

There are widespread rumors that actress Amber Heard wasn’t simply blowing her nose during Johnny Depp’s defamation lawsuit against her.

There is widespread speculation about her suspicious behavior as the video has received millions of views on social media. You can watch the video below and be the judge.

“Yo sis. What you doin?” one person asked. “You make the call: What did Amber Heard do with that tissue up to her nose?” another person wrote. Watch the clip:


Observers have jumped to many different conclusions over what she was doing.

The lawsuit case has repeatedly covered the extensive drug use of Heard and Depp, particularly cocaine.

Many people have speculated that Amber didn’t have the sniffles due to the emotional case, but rather because she allegedly consumed some sort of substance being held inside the tissue.

Finally, Lawyer and Youtuber, Viva Frei, summed it up the internet’s thoughts and how this image may affect the trial, saying, “I am taking for granted that over the next week, the jury will be watching social media (despite the warning). And probably seeing this. Whether it’s cocaine, or tear inducers, this – as the kids say – is totes sus.”

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