Who Is Austin Patrick Hall? Meet 26 year Old Suspect

Austin Ptrick Hall, a 26-year-old suspect, was apprehended early on Thursday. According to court records, Hall has a fairly extensive criminal history dating back to 2012, including assault, burglary, trying to evade, property theft, and hurting a police officer.

At April 2022, Hall was most recently incarcerated in the Chilton County Jail. The mugshot from that arrest was posted on the Facebook page of the Chilton County Sheriff’s Office.


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When Hall escaped from a work release prison in Wilcox County in 2019, the Alabama Department of Corrections released a photo of him. This photo was discovered by WVTM 13 as well.

Around eight o’clock on Wednesday, a vigil was held in Centreville for the two deputies. A large group of people formed a circle outside City Hall and prayed for the deputies, their families, and first responders.

Did Austin Patrick Hall Shot Bibb County Deputy?

Two Bibb County Deputies were allegedly shot by Austin Patrick Hall on Wednesday in Brierfield, Alabama. Although the Bibb County District Attorney Michael Jackson claims one of the deputies was struck in a “critical region,” authorities have stated that both deputies were brought to UAB Hospital with unspecified injuries.

Brad Johnson and Chris Poole, the two deputies, were identified by The Centreville Press on Facebook on Wednesday night.

Brad Johnson’s father informs Rick Karle of WVTM13 that his son is on life support.

Johnson was taken urgently to Birmingham’s UAB Hospital. As the ambulance headed north up Interstate 65, authorities from multiple agencies helped to restrict traffic along the route.

While the location of the other officer’s treatment is currently unknown, Jackson stated that he thought the deputy was receiving care at a hospital in Birmingham.

Is Austin Patrick Hall Arrested?

Austin Hall was given approval for a work release in 2019 when he was serving a 10-year sentence for theft charges from 2018, according to a statement released early on Thursday morning by Zeigler. Zeigler also claims that Austin Hall has been charged with at least 46 crimes over the past nine years.

According to authorities, Hall has a criminal history with 72 separate accusations dating back to 2012, including violence, evading arrest, and attempting to avoid police.

According to the ALEA, he attempted to choke a prison officer in Calhoun County in 2020. In April, Hall was allowed to leave the Calhoun County Jail.