Who was Azuree Charles? The boy who was murdered just after defeating cancer

The main 2 people who are presumed to be suspects by the police

The 9-year-old’s father, Jean Charles, was arrested and taken into custody by the police in connection with another case related to child hazards and assault earlier. Jean Charles was charged with punching Azuree, his son, in his eye in November 2021. Azuree Charles was a cheerful young boy who was well-liked by his neighbors.

After the initial investigations, the local police identified a suspect in the young boy’s murder. Still, he has not been confirmed as the murderer as the child’s biological father is also another suspect in the same case.

The name and details about the person whose wrath 9-year Azuree may have been a victim of have not been released by the police yet. However, the police of Pennsylvania has officially confirmed the murder of the youth as a homicide. Jean Charles was denied bail in November 2019. His punch had resulted in a bruise on Azure’s face.

Azuree Charles

Primary Investigation Results released by the police:

The police have confirmed that Azuree was certainly killed at the hands. They have also confirmed it as a homicide. The police further confirmed that there was no further danger in the neighborhood. This confirmation was to comfort the other residents of the neighborhood who were in doubt an=bout their safety.

The family of the 9-year-old Azuree is deeply shaken because of his demise. Azuree was also a survivor of pediatric cancer. Netizens sincerely hope that the police bring the real criminal to light and provide justice for the victim’s family and friends.

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