Will this multimillion book deal help Amber Heard to pay Johnny Depp $10.4 million in damages?

The “Tell All Revenge” book will reportedly explore her marriage to Depp, his alleged abuse and the defamation trial. Photograph:( Reuters )

Amber Heard multimillion book deal: There are reports claiming that Amber Heard has inked a multimillion deal for her book, “Tell All Revenge”.

A few weeks after the Amber Heard and Johnny Depp trial ended, there are reports that Heard has signed a multimillion deal for the “tell-all revenge” book. The court gave the decision of the trial in favour of Johnny Depp and the actor was awarded 10.4 million dollars to be paid by Amber Heard who was awarded 2 million dollars to be paid by Depp. However, Amber’s lawyers themselves have said that it is very difficult for Amber to pay Johnny the damages. Some believe that this multi-million book deal might help her. Even though the trial is over, they both are still in talks. Recently, Amber Heard was trolled for shopping at discounted stores, after her lawyers said she can’t pay Johnny Depp.

Meanwhile, Johnny Depp’s face as Jack Sparrow was used in Disney light show after four years and fans demanded an apology. Amber, also gave an interview some days back revealing proofs of her abuse including chat screenshots with her father, she even called the decision biased.

Amber Heard Signs a Book Deal

New reports indicate that Amber Heard may have inked a multi-million dollar deal to write a “tell-all revenge book”.  A source close to Heard told OK magazine, “Amber considers her career in Hollywood over. She’s already in talks and is excited about it. At this point, she has nothing to lose and wants to tell all. To the extent that Heard wants to discuss this case and her relationship with Depp in a tell-all statement or book, she needs to be extremely careful as to what she says about him”. According to the insider, the actress, 36, is “broke” and not in a position to turn down money”, which is why she is embarking on this new venture.

Amber Heard’s ‘Tell All Revenge’ Book

The “Tell All Revenge” book will reportedly explore her marriage to Depp, his alleged abuse and the defamation trial. However, Heard may risk defaming Depp again in the book, as a source close to her also mentioned that she needs to be extra careful so that she doesn’t land in legal trouble again. In 2018 Amber wrote an op-ed in which she claimed she had been a domestic abuse survivor. The op-ed led to Johnny filing a defamation suit against her even though he was not named in the article. Hence, if the book also presents the same claims or things related to it, she might get in trouble again.

Alleged Amber Heard book deal sparks online backlash 

Since the time the news of Amber Heard singing a multimillion book deal has surfaced, the actress has been facing major social media backlash. While some came out in support of Amber Heard, some are totally against the actress. A tweet mentioned that “Amber Heard is going to write a book people are going to be mad for like 5 seconds and then nobody will give a damn because we’re going to be going to the theatres to watch Johnny Depp in his 3rd blockbuster classic movie of the year”. There were others who made fun of her for writing a book after losing the case. Memes are trending all over social media regarding the book deal.

Know about Amber Heard vs Johnny Depp Controversy

In 2018, in an article for The Washington Post, Amber claimed that she is also a survivor of domestic abuse, after which Johnny Depp faced backlash and his Hollywood career almost came to an end. His role in Disney’s ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ was put on hold and he was replaced from ‘Fantastic Beats 3’. Depp filed a 50 million dollars defamation suit against Amber Heard, claiming that the article damaged his reputation and hurt his career. While they both showed proof during their trial, on June 1, the case was won by Johnny Depp. He was awarded 15 million dollars in damages, including 5 million dollars in punitive damages, which the judge capped to 350,000 dollars, the legal limit in Virginia. In total, he is entitled to 10.35 million dollars. The jury awarded Heard 2 million dollars.

Amber Heard Current Net Worth

According to celebritynetworth.com, the current net worth of Amber Heard is 6 million dollars. According to testimony given during the Depp vs Heard case, Amber Heard earned 10 million dollars in total pre-tax income from all sources between 2013 and 2019. Her highest-earning year in that period was 2019 when she made around 3 million dollars. Testimony also revealed that Amber had a 4-picture deal with Warner Brothers that paid her 450,000 dollars for the first movie she appeared in for the studio. She then earned 1 million dollars for her work in the first “Aquaman”. She was contractually guaranteed 2 million dollars for the sequel and 3-4 million dollars if there was ever a third “Aquaman” film.

Who is supporting who in Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard Case?

The first two supporters of Amber Heard are, unsurprisingly, Elon Musk and James Franco. They both were rumoured to be in a relationship with Heard, and have been clicked many times together in the past. The third person to throw their support behind Heard is British media personality Amanda de Cadenet. Though a lot of celebrities came out in support of Johnny Depp, including Penelope Cruz, Sharon Osbourne, famous singer Sia, JK Rowling, Javier Bardem and many other celebrities.

At present, Heard is associated with the upcoming film ‘Aquaman 2’ along with Conor Allyn’s thriller ‘In the Fire’. However, it has been alleged that her role in ‘Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom’ has been cut following her controversial trial with Johnny Depp which has been refuted by her team.

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